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Toll Free 800 Phone Service

A toll free number (tfn also referred to as an "800 number") is setup so that the called party, rather than the caller, pays for calls. When you are traveling, this is a cost effective alternative to calling cards, pay phones or calling collect. Any USA or Canadian phone number beginning with 800, 888, 877, 866 or 855 is a toll free number that we can forward to practically any phone number in the world. If the caller is using a cell phone, the call gets charged against caller's cell phone plan minutes even if it is to a toll free number.

A personal toll free number allows children in college, family or friends to call you at no cost to themselves. You pay a low rate for their calls to you.

Businesses often already have their own toll free number(s). Any existing toll free number can be moved to one of the low cost plans listed below. New or additional toll free numbers can be added at little or no cost.

If your toll free charges plus long distance and other phone charges are about $600 per month or more, a dedicated T-1 line may be your best option. For more details and a complimentary consultation, go to the T1 Service page.

Stand Alone Toll Free Phone Service

Route a custom 800 number to your business or residence and instantly change the destination number at anytime using a secure web site. Use one of our vanity numbers or use one of your existing numbers by transfering it over. Standard Kall8 numbers are only $2 to set up and $2 per month for account maintenance. Automatic credit card payment. Six-second billing increments. Info Order
A full array of telecommunications tools in one powerful package. For example, toll free number or local number, customizable main greeting or autoattendant, multiple extensions, enhanced voicemail, enhanced call forwarding, call screening & announcement, customizable Music-on-hold, voicemail and fax access via Email, instant text message alerts, send & receive faxes online, instant call return, unblockable caller ID, no busy signals, live call transfer, and many more features. Info Order
TollFree service from 2.7/minute, low International Rates. Benefit from Pioneer's old fashioned customer service, traditional long distance combined with your own personal 800 number. Pioneer is a straightforward and honest Telecom company. Info Order

Toll Free Phone Service offered in conjunction with Long DIstance Service

OPEX Long Distance is available to residents of the continental United States. For interstate calls, toll free service is just 2.5 cents/min with 60-second billing for businesses and residential accounts. Online signup. $3.99 a month for regular toll free numbers and $5.99 a month for vanity numbers, both waived with a minimum of $5 in monthly usage. You must switch your outbound lines to qualify for inbound toll free service. These rates are only available for your numbers in RBOC (Baby Bell) Areas. Even if you are outside these areas, enter your phone number as requested on the order link and you will be informed if competitive rates are available before you have to commit. Info Order

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